Give the dust hell

We bring you the latest in cordless vacuum cleaning technology. The RS60 offers unrivalled cleaning power with long-lasting battery. Like earlier models, RS60 gives you the choice of wet-cleaning and vacuuming simultaneously – now with a water tank using Novaron ION antibacterial materials.

Are you ready for quiet and easy vacuuming of your home? Then it’s time to take advantage of the versatility the ROIMI RS60 delivers.

The new RS40

True vacuuming power with a sleek and stylish design – the RS40 is your sidekick to beat everyday mess. So forget about large corded vacuum cleaners! This gives you complete flexibility and the option of wet-cleaning and vacuuming simultaneously, and if you wish – a smartphone app helps you keep track of it as you go.

Bring it wherever

The new portable Nano P1 Pro handheld vacuum cleaner is easy to bring on a trip, in your bag, in the car etc.

When you’re done vacuuming, you can easily stow it away or hang it up. We’ve made sure that the Nano P1 Pro will not take up any unnecessary space due to its compact “no larger than a coffee cup” design.