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RS60 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

DKK 4.999,00

The RS60 is ROIDMI’s flagship cordless vacuum cleaner, offering unrivaled cleaning power, a long-lasting battery and the option of wet-cleaning and vacuuming simultaneously.

Quiet, easy to use, and supplied with a wealth of tools, including smart app monitoring, nothing gets close to the performance and versatility of the ROIDMI RS60.

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Smart OLED color display

Battery percentages & Cleaning information

ZiWei Sterilization System

Sterilization particles that prevents growth of pathogens

NEX-V all-powerful Brush

One brush for all type of floors & carpets

65% increased suction power

Compared to S1E

Vacuuming, mopping and sterilizing

Cleaning while staying away from threats

Powerful 2500 mAH battery

Cleans most homes in a single charge

Entirely new generation

Interprets the Future of Clean Technology

Six international design awards

IF Award


Good Design

DFA Award

Contemporary Good Design


Smart color display makes cleaning more informative

The new colorful Smart OLED display gives you real time dynamic information such as suction power, battery capacity and calorie consumption, while cleaning.

Humanized interactive design

ROIDMI strives to ensure a premium user experience by humamized design – a cordless vacuum cleaner that is flexible enough for you to keep your home clean while bringing you intuitive guidance throughout the operation.

Air-X 2.0 Air dust separation

High-end 8 cone Separation Cyclones to secure consistent suction power

Air-X 2.0, 8 cone air dust separation, 8 parallel tornadoes are used to separate dust into the dust bin to avoid blockage of the air duct and avoid frequent filter cleaning.

Engine-X 2.0 digital brushless motor

The energy efficiency has been improved significantly comparing to previous generation, resulting in stronger performance, longer life and less noise.

BMS-X 2.0 battery system

Developing and implementing the new BMS-X 2.0 system has optimized the LG/Samsung Power Lithium battery effectively giving you more capacity than ever before.

New Soft Roller Brush – created to clean all surfaces

V-shaped anti-hair entanglement structure

30% higher pickup rate

Works on all surfaces

No need to change the cleaning brush when the surfaces changes

Nanoscale Hydrophobic Fiber

Water and stain resistant 

Second-generation antibacterial transparent magnetic water tank

Using Novaron ION antibacterial materials significantly lowers the spread of bacteria and helps you keep a healthy environment. The optional use of the included wet cleaning accessory simultaneously with vacuuming gives your floor an additional shine. The magnetic wet cleaning accessory connects easily and is removed by a slight pull.

Bionic drip technology

According to the principle of plant capillaries, the mop will automatically absorb water to get wet.

Six-level filtration + Double antibacterial

Antibacterial air purifier inside a vacuum cleaner

Six-level filtration from Roidmi Air Purifier, Metal mesh filter for large particles, double purification of front and back double filter.

No. 1 antibacterial filtration

Novaron ION antibacterial duct metal filter net technology.

No. 2 Antibacterial cyclone

Novaron ION antibacterial duct 8 cone cyclone

No. 3 High efficiency filtration

Removes microns down to 0.3.

No. 4 Filtration

Large flux metal net to prevent larger particles to pass.

No. 5 Filtration

Dust-proof net

No. 6 Antibacterial filtration

ION antibacterial filtration filter. Eliminates the risk of germs to get into exhaust.

One-touch emptying

No need to get your hands dirty. Just press a single button to release all the dirt. The new bin can hold is 35% larger than previous models and can now hold up to 0.55L.

Magnetic wireless charging

The magnetic SnapCharger dock secures the cleaner while the battery is intelligently charged. Simply snap into place and the RS60 will be ready to clean when you are.

Passionate about sound quality with a triple noise reduction

Everything is updated to prevent harsh sounds. It comes with noise reduction filter, a new 2.0 engine that focuses on power as well as noise reduction.

Intelligent app management

Connect to your smart device via Bluetooth™ for a wealth of information about battery capacity and battery health, cleaning time, remaining dust bin capacity, filter element condition and even the calories you are burning while cleaning. If you just want to clean, there is no need to use the app at all.


Electric brush to remove mites effectively

The wide suction head effectively eliminates pesky invisible mites.

Brush Tool

Attached to the Super long Crevice tool, the Brush tool effectively remove dust from furnitures, lamps and other hard to reach areas.

Super long Crevice tool

Deeper cleaning of the inner and outer edges at home, car seats and other narrow gaps.

Electric cleaning head

The cleaning head gets the job done in all corners due to its highly flexible multi-angle design for that deeper cleaning.


RS60 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

  • 65%¹ increased suction power
  • 10% more quiet² / < 75 dB(A)
  • 35% larger dust bin²
  • 3 suction modes
  • 5-year motor guarantee
  • Lightweight / 2.7 kg
  • Stylish design
  • Space Grey
  • Smart OLED color display
  • Photosensitive LED light
  • 2500 mAH / 72Wh battery capacity
  • App management and notifications
  • Combined vacuuming and wet cleaning with Novaron ION antibacterial water reservoir
  • Wireless Magnetic Wall Mount
  • Fully charged in 2.5 hours
In the box
  • Wireless Magnetic SnapCharger
  • Electric Cleaning head
  • Wet cleaning accessory with Novaron ION antibacterial water reservoir
  • Soft Roller V-Brush
  • Mattress brush
  • Multifunction Crevice tool (Brush tool combined with Super long Crevice Tool)
  • Pet brush & grooming tool
  • Flex extension hose
  • Metal connecting rod
  • High-Efficiency filters
  • Cleaning tool
  • Magnetic Wall Mount
  • Power Adapter
  • User manual
Dimensions & weight
  • Dimensions: 119.1 x 25.9 x 16.4 cm
  • Weight: 2.7 kg
  • Cleaner head width: 259 mm
¹ Compared to S1E / R10
² Compared to the X and S series

1 review for RS60 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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    Thanks for the article post.Really thank you! Great.

  2. Mike Andersson

    Powerful and beautiful
    ROIDMI stepped up redesigning the new roller brush – NOTHING get’s left behind! 😲 The pickup is amazing. Even on the lowest power level, I easily get the floors cleaned. I think i’m finally ready to get rid of my old traditional vacuum cleaner because the battery life on this is really nice!

    I also love the new and larger bin as well as the pet grooming tool… and that’s even working with it on our normally “scared shitless” cat. Try doing that with a Dyson! 🤣

    Don’t think anyone would be disappointed choosing an ROIDMI stick vac… I know i’m not!

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