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R15 ledningsfri støvsuger

DKK 2.999,00

Style meets performance in the ROIDMI R15. This elegant vacuum cleaner features two high-tech brush rollers for peak cleaning performance on any surface and a sleek magnetic wall dock.

Its high-speed digital motor delivers high suction power while cutting-edge battery technology makes it possible to clean the house in one charge.

Varenummer (SKU): 43200012 Varekategori:
  • 20% increased suction power¹
  • Lavt lydniveau / < 72 dB(A)
  • 0,4 liter støvsugerbeholder
  • 2 sugestyrker
  • 5 års motorgaranti
  • Letvægt / 2,6 kg
  • Elegant rødt design
  • Hvid / Rød
  • LED-indikatorer
  • 2200 mAH / 65Wh batterikapacitet
  • Ledning med stik
  • Fuldt opladet på 2,5 time
Hvad er der i kassen?
  • ROIDMI R15
  • Adapter og ledning
  • Elektrisk hovedmundstykke
  • Soft Roller-børste
  • Kulfiberbørste
  • Møbelmundstykke
  • Støvsugerrør
  • High Efficiency-filter
  • Rengøringsværktøj
  • Magnetisk vægophæng
  • Strømforsyning
  • Brugsanvisning
Størrelse og vægt
  • Størrelse: 119,1 x 25,9 x 15,8 cm
  • Vægt: 2,6 kg
  • Mundstykkebredde: 259 mm
¹ Compared to R10

3 reviews for R15 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

  1. Holly Wilkingson

    Simply love my Roidmi R15. It’s so lightweight, cleans up all dirt really well, looks lush in my living room and on top of that I can clean my house from top to bottom with a single charge. So glad I bought my Roidmi, would recommend this to anyone thinking of buying it.

  2. Sophie Harding

    Love it so much !
    Hands down the best vacuum cleaner I’ve ever used, absouletely love it! It’s so lightweight, looks super stylish and obviously the best thing about it is the suction! My floors are always spotless, thank you roidmi you’ve made hoovering a whole lot easier 🙂

  3. Charlotte Woodburn

    Love my S1 Special!
    I bought my S1 Special a few weeks back now. Before I had an old dinosaur corded nightmare and now I feel free! I’ve tried other cordless vacuums before but they never last as long as they say, well the Roidmi lasts for ages and doesn’t loose its power or suction! Also, it’s so pretty – everyone who comes around always compliments it, haha who knew id get compliments for how pretty my hoover is. Anyway, I’ve got three cats and a dog, this is the perfect hoover for picking up all hairs and I just love it, recommend to buy yes yes yes!

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